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About Me and the need for Inspections of each Guestroom


A word or two about me.  My name is Steve Anderson.  I have always been interested in the customer service industry having worked in the food service, massage, and music businesses.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  I owned and operated a small restaurant for a number of years.  For the last 15 years, I have been self employed as a massage therapist.  I also managed a barbershop quartet that I sang with called Genetic Advantage.  Through my managing and marketing efforts, Genetic Advantage had nearly 40 performances in 2012. 

Seems like everything I do involves pleasing the guest.   I strive to make sure that the guests experience meets their expectations.


Throughout my travels, I have noticed a need for maintenance in guestrooms and common areas of hotels in which I have stayed.  I believe that the guests expectations are that the hotel should be in perfect condition.  From the entryway to the front lobby to the elevator/stairwells to the hallways to the guestroom, the guest expects to see everything in perfect condition and cleanliness all around.

Here is what I mean.  These guest reviews are taken from TRAVELOCITY about recent stays at hotels near the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.   Each comment is from a different guest:

This “Mall of America” hotel received 3.5 stars overall.  Most people had a good experience but some didn’t.

By the window the wall paper was peeling and there was rust and some mold.  The shower head had some yellow/orange stuff all over it like it hadn’t been cleaned.

Worn elevators and ugly corridors.

Hallways had a strange odor

Another property near the Mall of America that received 4 stars overall.

musty smell like in distant past had smokers.
stain on bedspread, wobbly floppy ironing board

and another hotel near MOA

Carpet was disgusting, bring your slippers, tub had mold

The room was a bit stale and smelled of mold. 

The inside of the bathroom door was peeling for about a foot from the bottom and looked really shabby. All in all, (the hotel was) not horrible, but I wouldn't go back.

I WOULDN’T GO BACK!  That is what you don’t want to hear and frankly, you probably won’t.  Many guests won’t tell you about the problems they experience, they just “WON’T COME BACK”.

I can help you prevent customer reviews like this.  It really only takes one bad review to discourage potential guests.